My name is yvan. I'm a data scientist and consultant based in new york. A lot of the things I've made can be seen on github. I have a twitter account @yvanscher where I pen sarcastic tweets. I have a blog where I write about all sorts of interesting topics in data science, game development, and other things that pique my curiosity. I'm the curator and editor of the Generation Machine newsletter! Here are some of the projects I've worked on...

Monster GAN a generative model that can generate novel monsters:

Kaggle 8th Place Solution for identifying invasive species of hydrangea:

Generating Archipelagos with perlin noise and spherical gradients: a simple website for keeping track of lists of links:

pysmap and smappdragon, toolsets for manipulating large json streams for researchers at nyu:

minecraft2d a little sandbox game written in pygame:

internet speed datamap (give it a moment to load it's a free dyno):

geotweetlookup looks up the twitter geocode for a place: