Kestrel Coffee is a good place to work. They have ample seating and space, great coffee, wifi, plugs, and some pretty ok food options. The tables also have a comfortable height for typing which is unusually thoughtful. I know that the name of this place changed a few years back, I can't remember the old name. Lots of nice light from the big windows. There's even a post office or someting inside? It's weird and neat. They'll also make drinks that aren't listed if you ask (the menu is small). I can't recommend it enough.

Scout &Co. One is the original location for the small Scout and Company. The wifi is good, the coffee is decent, there is ample table space to work (though the tables are a bit less comfy than Kestrel). This place has huge floor to ceiling windows with lots of light. It's a pretty good place to work

Kru coffee is good, the wifi works (for like 2.5hrs, then they boot you off). They have some food here too which is nice. The table height is better on some of the tables, and bad at the counters. There are cozy chairs, which is nice. There's ample space to work and plugs. The coffee is fine. It's also close to church street and the crow bookshop which is kind of a neat independent book store.

Barrio Bakery has comfortable seating, plugs, and wifi. The pizza isn't too bad either.