Black crown coffee is cool and the building gives off a ski lodge vibe. there's two floors, though the upper one was closed (covid). The coffee was great. If you park your car in one of the spots bordering the structure itself it will get some afternoon shade. The wifi was great. Food options were limited to muffins (though I brought some pizza and nobody payed any mind). The tables were nice and big; you could easily meet with a friend and work on one table. It seems pretty work friendly, there are signs up that say you should buy something every few hrs, nobody enforced this. The bathroom has this bizarre open pipe under the sink where water flows into a grate -- pretty funky, pretty cool.

Ren Coffeehouse is a great place to work. Outside there's a sun dappled courtyard with large shade trees. Inside there's four or five tables with access to plugs near the walls (try and get one with a window). The wifi is good for a coffee shop (44 Mbps down, 7 Mbps up). There's a solid selection of coffee, smoothies, and food. The tables and chairs aren't quite "cozy" (in construction or aesthetic) but I was there from 9am to 3pm and wasn't sore at all. That's the other thing, it closes early (2 or 3pm depending on the day). By all accounts the barists are friendly and work friendly, the other thing you'll notice is the number of cyclists coming through is quite high (this tapers off after noon). Go work here.

Cartel coffee lab on campbell is a cool spot. They have some limited food options (though I appreciated the savory feta/spinach and they offered to watch my stuff if I wanted to run next door for a sandwich). The coffee is really tasty and the staff seems work friendly. There are plugs, but not everywhere and you'll see some people are stretching their cords to reach them. They have ample table space. The wifi is good even when the place is full. In the afternoon it fills up. If you walk in at 4 there's likely to be no space (there may be more space after covid). they have a really nice matcha milk drink too which is cool.

Raging sage coffee roasters is a pretty work spot. I didn't get a chance to sit inside (covid) but the outdoor area has these two huge citrus trees you can sit under. The metal tables have these neat little wrought sculptures between the legs. The comfort on the metal tables could be a bit better. The wifi was great at first but later I found with even 5 people on it it was struggling (i was at a download speed of 0.25 mbps). It's setup as a vpn (which is weird) so your ip will be in seattle or somewhere else that isn't tucson. The coffee was fine and the cake options looked tasty; it's more than some of the other coffee shops in tucson offer. There are no plugs inside or outside that I could see. It can get windy in the outdoor courtyard so consider that if it affects your work.

Crave Coffee Bar is in my view the best coffee place to work in tucson. They have great internet, usually quiet atmosphere, food options, and ample seating as well as parking.