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I offer data migration, programming tutoring, and backend web development services. I have expertise in Python and Go but work with all languages. I speak English, French, basic Spanish, and can read a little German or Russian.


You have broken code and need it fixed quickly. We will get you get back on your feet.

You're a student or professional who needs to acquire programming proficiency fast. We will build your skill.

You're worried about upcoming data migrations or the state of a current project. We will work with you through uncertainty, technical or social.

You have an idea for a web app you'd like realized, or have some code you'd like evaluated. We will evaluate existing code, plan and realize your ideas.

You have a project in mind but you're not sure how to start, what the market looks like, or how to think about technical design. We will research the market, existing solutions, and design something unique.


Designed, programmed, and scaled a 100 terabyte nonprofit data collection for academic research

Implemented a labeling system for cell swab data on 2 million samples for cancer stain detection

Created consistent, clean datasets from legacy oracle databases for customer risk scoring for a major financial institution

Configured a kubernetes cluster with jupyterlab for a team of marketing analysts, discovered and patched a major scheduler bug for azure's engine

Designed and built an online automated retail loan processing system from risk evaluation, offer generation, to closing legal paperwork for over 1 million customers


If you're interested to hire me then reach out. inquire[at]automatedinnovations.net