Tinywhack - A little webapp I wrote in go which guesses urls on tinyurl to find interesting sites.

Li's Longship - A saga I wrote for my friend that appeared in Iceland's national paper Fréttablaðið.

Pandas to Pyspark Pipeline Comparison - How to compare pandas and pyspark code.

Single User Aws EC2 Security - How to setup a light, but secure server with AWS EC2.

Playing With Perlin Noise - Some experiments in island generation using perlin noise.

Make a Pygame 2 - Overview of Game Concepts continued.

Make a Pygame 1 - Overview of Game concepts in python.

Intro to Shaders - How do shaders work?

Cellular Automata Caves - Generating cave structures using python.

Make a game AI with Q Learning - Using the starcraft2 api and Q learning to make a bot.

Monster GANs - Experiment with the pokemon dataset and GANs

7 Cobol Examples - Some explorations into COBOL

Clpr 3D Cubes - Generating a dataset of 3D cubes.

Coding Gradient Descent - How to write your own gradient descent algorithm from scratch.

Build a Lisp - C code for a lisp I built following Dan Holden's book.

Smappdragon - Set of tools for working with twitter data from various data sources.

Internet Data Map - Interactive Map of world internet data from 2014 using Node.js and Three.js

Invasive Species Detection - Top scoring inception code in keras and skelearn for kaggle.

Hexlist - An iOS app with flask backend that works as a link manager.

Titanic Death - Flask web app using sklearn logistic regression to see if you would have perished on the titanic.

iOS app using Apple's Multipeer-Connectivity to share files - I won a hackathon with this where my brother and I built a mesh network of attendees phones.

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